How To Become A Respected Leader — 3 Communication Skills

As a leader, communication is a necessary skill that can break or make an organization.  If you aim to become a leader, are transitioning into a leadership role, or are struggling as a leader currently, you need to master these three critical skills. Consistency: When someone approaches you with a question or turns to you […]

How To Be A Giver Without Overextending Yourself

This article will give you practical tips that will help you be a better “giver” in your professional relationships, but not overextend yourself to the point where you’re being detrimental to your own goals or at risk of burnout. Our professional relationships have a major impact on our career trajectory, and approaching them with a […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Election — Creating a Unique Opportunity to Connect

Regardless of your political affiliation, this is a stressful time. It’s the Wednesday after election day and we still don’t have clarity. This is challenging for all Americans, and it can be particularly difficult for children. They are going to be confused, and they will likely look to you for answers. I’ve been up all night wracking […]

Difficult Conversations About Race

Due to the tumultuous year of police violence and social unrest, racial consciousness is high. This new level of awareness gives us a unique opportunity to address what we can do as a society to make things better.  Our motto at the American Negotiation Institute is that ‘the best things in life are on the […]