Finding Confidence in Conflict

How to Negotiate Anything and live Your best life

In this best selling book, Kwame Christian goes beyond the traditional negotiation framework to provide practical tools that help you to navigate difficult conversations with confidence

His methodology, The Compassionate Curiosity Framework, has been used successfully by professionals in a variety of industries all around the world.

Readers discover the secrets behind becoming more self-aware, developing a winning mindset, and resolving conflict while managing fear and anxiety, establishing boundaries, and strengthening relationships.

Book Reviews

“Kwame Christian has nailed it in this book. Relevant in any field or situation where an exchange of any kind is being made. Be it an interview, a sale, relationship, family interaction, workplace interactions, etc. This book literally provides an excellent framework for understanding and taking control of the processes that lead to better outcomes. I wasn’t sure what I was in for when I bought this after hearing Kwame for the first time on the Awesome at Your Job Podcast and I honestly thought it was going to be a “dud” but I am proud those feelings were wrong. This book is worth double the asking price. Great job. Also, this would make an excellent gift.”

-Reader C. Barcelo

“Many leaders (who are otherwise high achievers) suddenly find themselves struggling — and sometimes selling themselves short — in high value negotiations.

In this practical read, Kwame outlines three key steps to find the confidence in conflict we all want by showing us how to acknowledge emotion, be curious with compassion, and solve problems jointly. It’s the book for the rest of us to provide a clear roadmap in the toughest situations. If you follow this roadmap, you’ll find the courage you want to take the next step.”

-Reader Dave Stachowiak

“The unique approach to negotiation and conflict management provided in this book makes success in difficult conversations seem achievable. I appreciate that he first addresses the psychological and emotional barriers people face in difficult conversations before addressing specific strategies. After reading the book, I feel significantly more confident in my abilities to navigate these conversations effectively so I can get more of what I want without jeopardizing relationships.”

-Reader Emeka Ene