How to Talk to Your Kids About the Election — Creating a Unique Opportunity to Connect

Regardless of your political affiliation, this is a stressful time. It’s the Wednesday after election day and we still don’t have clarity. This is challenging for all Americans, and it can be particularly difficult for children. They are going to be confused, and they will likely look to you for answers. I’ve been up all night wracking […]

Difficult Conversations About Race

Due to the tumultuous year of police violence and social unrest, racial consciousness is high. This new level of awareness gives us a unique opportunity to address what we can do as a society to make things better.  Our motto at the American Negotiation Institute is that ‘the best things in life are on the […]

How to Bring Civility to Political Arguments

Civility, respect, understanding, and the willingness to listen. These are core conversational virtues that are universally appreciated.  What’s interesting is that, although we all want to see these admirable virtues on display in these political conversations, they are still woefully lacking. We’re struggling to keep the peace because the political division we see on the […]

The Top Negotiation Podcasts in the World in 2020

(UPDATED) Negotiation is not exclusively confined within boardrooms, in sales calls, or within a court. We all negotiate every day ⁠— whether with our friends, family, clients, colleagues, boss, or anyone we talk to with the hope of being persuasive. Competence breeds confidence. In order for us to be confident negotiators, we need to continue […]

Addressing the Imposter in You

It seems only fitting that I address imposter syndrome after launching our new women’s focused podcast, Ask With Confidence- another step in my journey out of nursing. For months I have been plagued with the fears of “what if…” and feeling like how can I empower women to find confidence when I don’t have it […]

When Negotiation Isn’t the Answer

In today’s fast-paced society, we talk a lot about negotiation and how it’s imperative to engage in these negotiations in order to get ahead. And, in general, you should negotiate most things. But what we fail to discuss, is when a negotiation is unhelpful and can actually do more harm than good.    It’s important […]

How Women “Should” Negotiate is the Way We “Should” All Negotiate

  “What is your biggest challenge when it comes to negotiation and conflict resolution?”    The most common concern we hear from our audience in response to asking this question is by far a lack of confidence. What’s even more, is that this concern is more often expressed by women.   Why is this important? […]

How to Build Trust and Use It In Negotiations & Conflicts

Don’t have time? Here’s the 3 point summary: Information gathering is a critical process in any negotiation and trust can be your strongest tool to do so in an efficient and nutritive manner. Active listening and listening without judgement are cornerstones of building mutually trusting relationships. Maintaining earned trust requires collaboration, consistency, managing expectations and […]

How to Negotiate for Hotel Upgrades with Josh Elledge

Discover the secrets of negotiating for hotel discounts at your next hotel stay. Email Me About a Workshop for Your Company Download the Hotel Negotiation Guide Josh’s Website Kwame’s LinkedIn   How to Listen: – Listen on iTunes – Listen on Google Play – Listen on Stitcher   Kwame Christian, Esq., M.A. Negotiation Consultant and Negotiation/Persuasion Coach Keep […]

Negotiation in Real Estate Investing with Keith Weinhold

In this episode, you’ll discover the secret to negotiating in real estate investing and learn how to be a successful real estate investor. Email Me About a Workshop for Your Company Download the Ultimate Negotiation Guide Keith’s Website Kwame’s LinkedIn   How to Listen: – Listen on iTunes – Listen on Google Play – Listen on Stitcher   […]