CLEs for Young Lawyers

Our CLEs are designed to give young attorneys the confidence they need to overcome the fear and anxiety associated with negotiations. They will learn how to deal with difficult clients, colleagues, and opposing counsel without hurting relationships.

Highlighted CLEs

The ability to negotiate and resolve conflict are fundamental skills for attorneys. Our customized negotiation and conflict management seminars are as fun as they are informative. You will not only discover the keys to persuasion and conflict management in critical conversations, you will also have the opportunity to practice your skills in a live negotiation simulation.

In our research we’ve discovered that the single biggest barrier to effective negotiation and conflict management is a lack of confidence. How often do you get the opportunity to practice these persuasion techniques? How often do you get to test your abilities to navigate difficult conversations?

Competence breeds confidence. The solution to this issue is targeted training with live role playing scenarios. This is the best way to help attorneys increase their confidence in their ability to perform in these difficult conversations.

Business Negotiation and Conflict Management Presentations

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