Ready to get back on track with your partner? Access our free course to help you:

Have difficult conversations
Communicate effectively
Resolve disputes


How to De-Stress a Frustrating Relationship with Your Partner

You started your business to help people, make money, and achieve personal happiness. Considering this, I have a question for you: does your current relationship with your business partner make you happy? If not, this course is for you.


You need this FREE course if your partner makes you feel…

⦁ Stressed
⦁ Frustrated
⦁ Confused
⦁ Hurt
⦁ Angry


Why take the course?

⦁ To de-stress your relationship
⦁ To learn how to effectively resolve disputes
⦁ To learn how to have difficult conversations about awkward or sensitive topics
⦁ To create a firm foundation for the rest of your relationship
⦁ To improve communication with your partner


How does it work?

This is a 5-day course that will be delivered directly to your email in daily increments.

Day 1 [VIDEO]: The Four Secrets of Effective Communication for Business Partners

Day 2: The Root Cause of All Relationship Issues

Day 3 [VIDEO]: The 7 Keys to Having Difficult Conversations: Communicating Effectively Despite Awkwardness, Anger, Stress, or Fear

Day 4: Understanding What’s at Stake

Day 5 [VIDEO]: The 7 Secrets to Conflict Management for Business Partners



At the end of the course you will get access to a free gift courtesy of the American Negotiation Institute worth $200. This gift is the single most helpful resource we could give you. Do you want to know what it is? Signing up is the only way to find out

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