How to Create a Persuasive Personal Brand with Rana Campbell

In this episode you’ll discover the keys to creating a persuasive personal brand. When it comes to modern day entrepreneurs it’s important to recognize that there is a long persuasive funnel. In general, you will probably first make contact with your prospect through your marketing and branding, then you’ll get them into your sales funnel, then if their interested, you’ll work out the deal in a negotiation. Rana’s the perfect person to talk about this because she’s been able to craft a persuasive strategy that positioned her for some huge opportunities.

This episode is perfect for people who are entrepreneurs or are interested in entrepreneurship.

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Kwame Christian, Esq., M.A. Negotiation Consultant and Negotiation/Persuasion Coach

Keep listening to the podcast to learn the keys to confident communication, “compassionate curiosity”, conflict resolution, conflict management, negotiation, influence, and persuasion.

American Negotiation Institute

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