The Top Negotiation Podcasts in the World in 2020

(UPDATED) Negotiation is not exclusively confined within boardrooms, in sales calls, or within a court. We all negotiate every day ⁠— whether with our friends, family, clients, colleagues, boss, or anyone we talk to with the hope of being persuasive.

Competence breeds confidence. In order for us to be confident negotiators, we need to continue to sharpen our skills. This is where negotiation podcasts deliver great value. They provide incredible amounts of high-quality information for free on a widely accessible, on-demand format. 

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There are a lot of great new negotiation podcasts, and we want to make sure you are learning from a number of different experts, even if it’s not us.

When it comes to determining rankings, many people make the mistake of using the podcast search feature on their podcast player to determine the popularity and quality of the shows.

The problem with this is that the podcast search is a keyword search, not a ranking system.

This means that your placement in the search results depends on how many times the word “negotiation” comes up in the title, description, and episodes. This is why, from time to time, you’ll see shows like The Craftsman Podcast showing up as high as sixth in the search results.

The Podcasts search doesn’t tell you the ranking, quality, or popularity of a podcast, it just tells you keyword relevance.

In our ranking methodology, we use a simple, objective approach — quality + popularity.

  • Quality – the quality of the podcast is determined by the quantity and quality of listener reviews. This data can be obtained from Apple Podcasts.
  • Popularity – the popularity of the podcast is determined by the number of subscribers and overall listeners. Our objective, reliable source for this data is Castbox is one of the few platforms that publicly shares podcast subscriber and download information.

Data from both these sites were weighted 50% each in order to obtain this ranking. The result is the following lineup of 20 podcasts that you can choose from if you wish to get the most out of life through negotiation. 

Listen to these podcasts while you’re busy in the kitchen, taking a shower, or driving to work, then see which ones resonate with you.

Happy listening!

1. Negotiate Anything

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Kwame Christian, Esq., MA

With over 1,000,000 downloads and hundreds of 5-star reviews, Negotiate Anything is the top-ranked negotiation podcast in the world. Hosted by bestselling author, speaker, and subject-matter expert Kwame Christian, this podcast gives its audience practical tools that will help them to negotiate and resolve conflict both personally and professionally.

Negotiate Anything started in 2016 and has the most downloads and the most 5-star reviews of the negotiation podcasts.



2. Negotiate Your Best Life

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Rebecca Zung

As humans, none of us are immune to the toxic nature of our external and internal challenges — including divorce or even other people’s negative behavior. Hosted by bestselling author and one of the US’ Top 1% attorneys, Rebecca Zung, this podcast features revolutionized conversations with people who have successfully navigated their way past these challenges, and into finally living their best lives.

Note: Only started in January 2020, the show has already received an incredible amount of high-quality reviews.

Considering the rate of her rapid growth and high quality of the show, we anticipate her becoming the no. 1 negotiation podcast in the world within the next 12-18 months.


3. Negotiations Ninja

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Mark Raffan

Negotiations Ninja Podcast develops incredibly engaging negotiation content and covers topics such as strategy, tactics, stories of negotiation failure and success. Pick-up how you can improve your negotiation skills as host Mark Raffan talks with negotiation experts, business people, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Negotiations Ninja started in 2017.


4. Maximize Your Influence

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Kurt Mortensen

Maximize Your Influence talks about the top persuasion, influence, and negotiation techniques that will help you maximize your success in life and in business.

Maximize Your Influence on

5. Greg Williams, Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert 

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Greg Williams

You are always negotiating. This podcast shares strategies and insights about how you can negotiate better while reading the mind of others through their body language — something you should be aware of when negotiating through various aspects of your life.

Greg Williams podcast on

6a. Thanks for Listening

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program

Funded by the American Arbitration Association International Centre for Dispute Resolution Foundation, “Thanks for Listening” spotlights efforts to bridge the political divide in the U.S. through dialogue and collaborative processes, profiling the important and often courageous work of individuals and organizations who are helping citizens engage with one another on challenging topics.

Thanks for Listening on Apple PodcastThanks for Listening on


6b. The Accidental Negotiator

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Dr. Jim Anderson

Professional negotiating is not just a business, it’s a science. An expert of the science of negotiating, Dr. Jim Anderson has transformed failing negotiators worldwide over the last 25 years. This podcast promises its audience important pointers to make effective sales negotiations.

The Accidental Negotiator on

7a. Ask With Confidence

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Katherine Knapke, RN

Designed with women in mind, this podcast will help empower women in their most difficult conversations, given that they face different challenges when it comes to getting ahead in life.

Ask With Confidence on

7b. The Negotiation

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Todd Embley

Despite the difficulty for foreign brands to enter the planet’s 2nd largest economy, success stories are starting to emerge as some brands begin to rely on experts in China market-entry. The Negotiation delivers interviews with those who understand how to successfully expand to China, making the move a winning proposition for any company.

The Negotiation on

8a. ART of Feminine Negotiation — Boardroom to Bedroom


Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Cindy Watson

All of life is a negotiation — which may be the most important skill you’ll ever learn. Created by award-winning author, attorney, international speaker, and master negotiator Cindy Watson, Boardroom to Bedroom is your place to go for hot tips and tactics on how to negotiate your best life so you can stop missing out and start getting more of what you want and deserve.


ART of Feminine Negotiation on Apple PodcastART of Feminine Negotiation on

8b. Procurement Zen — Valuable Insights in Negotiation and Procurement

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Phil Kowalski

Procurement Zen is a podcast for anyone interested in negotiation and procurement. Host Phil Kowalski shares valuable tools, negotiation approaches, book reviews and interviews with seasoned negotiation pros. Discover new findings, ideas and new approaches to the world of negotiation that will help you kick your career to the next level.

Procurement Zen on Apple PodcastProcurement Zen on

8c. The Mediation Minute

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Rebecca Wisbar

The Mediation Minute explores practical techniques to facilitate successful negotiation and resolution. Host Rebecca Wisbar is a mediator and attorney. The podcast is produced by Catherine O’Brien, Branch Out Programs. More at

The Mediation Minute on

9. Slate’s Negotiation Academy

Listen to the podcast here.

Hosts: Seth Stevenson and 

Slate’s Negotiation Academy is a series of short podcasts that reveal the secrets of everyday haggling, whether you’re negotiating in the board room or your child’s bedroom. (Part of the Panoply Network)

Slate's Negotiation Academy on Apple PodcastSlate's Negotiation Academy on

10. Negotiation Innovation

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Christopher Meyer

You may think that negotiation is the realm of the salesperson, or the business executive, or lawyer, but every single person encounters a number of negotiations on a daily basis. Every human interaction can win us some gains if we are willing to look for it or if we are willing to change our mindset. It’s not about winning or losing — it’s about getting what we really want.

Negotiation Innovation on Apple PodcastNegotiation Innovation on

11. Negotiation (Master)

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Internationale Hochschule Bad Honnef – Bonn (IUBH)

Negotiation (Master) on

12. I Love Negotiating

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Jan Potgieter

Negotiation isn’t exclusively reserved for the marketplace. You negotiate every day, with your kids, spouse, parents and friends. Host Jan Potgieter is an internationally acclaimed business negotiation expert who shares his mastery of elite-level negotiation strategies, tools and techniques to help you in all areas of your life.

I Love Negotiating on

13. The Super Negotiator

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: SHS

Through The Super Negotiator podcast, the audience can learn some super negotiating techniques and trash the win-win outcome idea. Support this podcast:

Super Negotiator on

14a. The Persuasion Lab

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Martin Medeiros

We communicate our needs to the world using negotiation, persuasion and influence. We must also be effective at determining if our needs are met. Hosted by Martin Medeiros, The Persuasion Lab reviews the latest research on these high forms of communication.

The Persuasion Lab on

14b. Negotiate!

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Paulo Amaral

Stay informed on how to use negotiation in your favor. Host Paulo Amaral talks with experts from various industries, as they explore secret tactics and techniques to negotiate payments on credit card, mortgage, loan, as well as with your boss, spouse, family, co-worker, salespeople and others.

Negotiate! on Apple PodcastNegotiate! on

15. Dominate the Deal

Listen to the podcast here.

Host: Steven Xiques

Dominate the Deal emphasizes mastering the art of negotiation by creating a more powerful voice, dominant body language, and instilling a positive mindset. Host Steven Xiques promises to help the audience create strategies for their deals and gather proper intelligence about their potential partner, among others.

Dominate the Deal on Apple PodcastDominate the Deal on


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